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GNABRT Day 50 – Word search

A supremely quiet day on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip.  A rarity, for sure.  Just sitting in the hotel room, with a brief appearance for laundry and a pop down for a review of the breakfast offerings.  I thought I would be healthy and chose a banana which must have been several days… Read more »

Two for the road

I’m all packed and just a few hours away from starting on out on our Mother’s Day weekend at Disney World.  My friend’s daughter and 4-year old son will probably be riding in the car with me. I say probably, because there are two critical and sacrosanct golden rules that must be followed for people to… Read more »

Some rules are made to be…followed

What would “Quirk week” be without a posting quirk?  Looks like we’ll have to complete the week on Saturday.  Until then, read on… Some might say following the rules is not really a “quirk”.  I disagree and I base my opinion on the fact that so many people disregard rules. There are a number of… Read more »

There’s no place like home

Phew…it took me nearly a day to recover, but I’m now able to post again.  Why nothing yesterday nor until late today?  Read on… I decided to bring the Grand Road Trip to a close about a day and a half early.  Several considerations went into the decision, which we’ll get into briefly next. By… Read more »

How do Boy Scouts ever travel?

So, okay, I know their motto is to always “be prepared”, but someone explain to me what happens when they have to take a long trip. Heading into my final weekend before the big road trip to D.C. and back (with stops at points in between) I’m growing closer to the actual process of packing… Read more »