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I should have my head examined

Oh wait, I am. Dad and I agree that the only doctor you are assured of having something “extra” done is the dermatologist.  That is especially true for me and my (relatively) good health.  I only need check-ups at my dentist, eye doctor and internist, but my dermatologist always seems to find something he can squeeze… Read more »

Miss Communication

Going to the doctor is no laughing matter.  As hard as it is to read the scribbles on the prescription sheets, sometimes the conversations are just as confusing.  Like these, for example… A doctor gave a patient six months to live.  At the end of the six months, the patient hadn’t paid his bill, so,… Read more »

Down to my last chip

While this could be a post about my recent visit to the doctor and the ensuing dietary recommendations, I’m not feeling particularly grrouchy, so I don’t see why I should make you endure a post complaining about not eating potato chips (at least not in my former quantity). Instead, I’ll make you endure a post… Read more »

We don’t get many like that

I had a doctor’s appointment this Friday that I wanted to reschedule.  I like to wait until mid-morning before I call professional offices to allow them time to get organized and started on the day. The woman on the phone said the next nearest day was two weeks from now, which was fine with me. … Read more »