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That was quick!

I’m not a big believer in omens.  I don’t “read into” things.  Just as well, considering we’ve got a tropical storm not even a week into hurricane season! Perhaps the storm explains what has been happening over the last week or so, as we have had constant torrential rains in South Florida (over much of… Read more »

I wouldn’t wish it on anyone

I was on the phone with my sister the other day and we were discussing the path and ramifications of Tropical Storm (soon-to-be Hurricane) Isaac. Based on the newest track, it appeared the storm would veer off into the gulf on the west side of the state (Florida, for all you late-comers to the blog). … Read more »

Of tributes and terror

The tenth anniversary of 9/11, combined with a letter I was writing to someone in Japan and my impending trip to Washington D.C., got me thinking about the nature of tributes and a bit of the history of human tragedy. Generally, when one speaks dispassionately about passionate subjects (religion, politics, et al), there is a… Read more »

I laugh so as not to weep

Yes, this was supposed to be on Friday, but these things happen. If you’ve been following along up until now, you’ve noticed the tone of the posts is usually light.  Even the occasional rant (such as Thursday’s) is hopefully accented to the positive.  That’s obviously on purpose. With the recent disaster in Japan fresh in… Read more »