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You can leave your hat on

Apologies to Randy Newman, but it’s the Joe Cocker version I remember. Though neither of them have anything to do with today’s blog post. Because, today’s post is about my great fortune in health over time. Except for one issue, which now has my doctor advising me, “You can leave your hat on.” Healthier than… Read more »

Darn these confusing instructions!

Okay, so according to this I’m supposed to…no, wait, this says I should be…um…er… So I’m successfully back from my minor head work (yeah, it doesn’t feel so minor when they stick those anesthetic needles into your head) and I now have my one-week care and careful period before the sutures can be removed (like… Read more »

I should have my head examined

Oh wait, I am. Dad and I agree that the only doctor you are assured of having something “extra” done is the dermatologist.  That is especially true for me and my (relatively) good health.  I only need check-ups at my dentist, eye doctor and internist, but my dermatologist always seems to find something he can squeeze… Read more »