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Walking through the creative process

Do or do not; there is no try. On a walk with a friend the other day, we witnessed a jogger going by and both of us agreed that was not for us. Later, she asked me if I knew someplace close to her where she could buy a used bike. That led to other… Read more »

Between vision and reality

Book Three of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures is being released this month and that means a refresh to the website is required. From years of work as an artist and advertiser, I have a well-developed design sense and have always had a clear view of how I want my website to look.  That’s not always… Read more »

If you don’t have anything nice to say…

…don’t blog. Occasionally, there’s just nothing to blog about.  Work progresses on finalizing What Now?, the final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy.  Other than that, life is quiet.  So…it’s a blog-free day. See you all tomorrow!

Haven’t I read that before?

What a rip-off! How many times have you thought that reading a book or watching a movie?  You know what I think?  So what! Smart people will tell you there are no original stories; that all stories have already been told.  Of course, they’re talking archetypes.  You know, “Boy meets Girl”, “Boy loves Girl”, etc. … Read more »

When did this turn into work?

Blog posts were temporarily disabled due to a still unexplained interruption in my access to my website.  I apologize to all you deprived fans out there.  Now, read on… Having a successful couple of weeks recently in making great progress on “What Next?”, I had a moment for some introspection to contrast the style and… Read more »