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Tough noogies, it’s Mallomar season

Amidst all the preparation and decorating for Halloween, it’s also time for my not-so-coincidental batch of doctor visits. With a two and a half month hole punched out of the year from my Great North American Baseball Road Trip, it became necessary to bundle all those appointments close together. I am blessed with great fortune… Read more »

Doctors make me sick

Ugh. I’m still recovering from the two physically worst days of my life.  Thanks to my doctor. Okay, maybe not entirely his fault, but he was the one that prescribed stuff for my colonoscopy prep and then performed the actual procedure which led to an even worse response than the prep. I’m not going to… Read more »

I’d rather drink the Kool Aid

Bleh. Today is “prep” day.  That means drinking the most repulsive cocktail of all time…in the name of health. Yup, for those of you not old enough to have the pleasure, it’s colonoscopy day tomorrow and that means goop-drinking day today. Last time I tried this (my first ever), I had about 3/4 down before… Read more »

I’ll take “Doctors and Auto Mechanics” for $500, Alex

If only. Okay, you know where this is going, so let’s get right into it. As mentioned previously, I had a weird August.  Filled with mishaps and money-draining misadventures.  A lot of those events revolved around the health of me and my vehicle. The similarities between “healers”, doctors and mechanics, is quite pronounced.  You go… Read more »