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In the nick of time

I could have done a post today on my next writing project or the business idea I’m working on or some more stuff related to the third book, but since I’m a bit betwixt and between, I thought I’d simply fall back to a general post more indicative of the title of this blog.   I… Read more »

The key to productivity: A niece.

Who knew? My niece came by for chatter, a walk and lunch with me and her Grandparents.  During the walk, we discussed many things.  College, degrees, jobs, careers, interviews, etc.  She was extra amped over the impending Spring Break (what college student doesn’t get excited by a week off?). I mentioned it was coming at a… Read more »

School’s back from summer!

You see what single living does to you? I was a little late getting started for the beach today (excellent writing day, though…even went through a full pen and had to go to my spare).  When I got out of my street and turned, there was a mass of cars inching around the intersection.  Oh… Read more »

College chums

Prologue Day two of the grand road trip began again around 5 am.  Leaving my comfortable motel I popped onto I-10 West and headed north for Atlanta. The full moon brazenly poked out of the clouds and leered down through an otherwise pitch black sky.  The fog was floating over the moors…er…I-10 and the whole… Read more »

It’s all about sales

As I was thinking through today’s post, which we’ll get to shortly, I came to realize a certain truth underlying my original topic, thus causing me to change the title to the header you just read. Whether it’s serpents and apples, employees and raises, kids and toys or businesses and products, it’s always been about… Read more »