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Ratting me out

I put on my favorite Gator t-shirt as I got ready for my daily walk and was immediately horrified…there was a hole right below the gator’s mouth.  Oh, the humanity. Over the course of my entire life, I believe I have purchased just one t-shirt (it was one of those glow in the dark Halloween… Read more »

How do Boy Scouts ever travel?

So, okay, I know their motto is to always “be prepared”, but someone explain to me what happens when they have to take a long trip. Heading into my final weekend before the big road trip to D.C. and back (with stops at points in between) I’m growing closer to the actual process of packing… Read more »

Waist not, want not

I’m running a special “memory lane” series of blogs all week.  You’ll get to find out more about me.  Probably more than you want to find out about me, but them’s the breaks of reading someone else’s blogs.  You try putting out this stuff on a daily basis and see what happens when the well runs… Read more »