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Rudeness didn’t start three years ago

Civility is the buzzword of the day! Left, right and center! Bring on the guy in the sweater and the purple dinosaur. The tribalism and vitriol are heating up from all sides. A popular refrain these days is that Donald Trump is the cause of it all. Sorry, but rudeness didn’t start three years ago…. Read more »

Uncivil war

Last Tuesday, I received a surprise text from my elder nieceling, ironically spending a few days with a friend in Philadelphia. She was distressed about the direction the election results were taking. “Scared” was the word she used. She texted that she felt we would all be “screwed” if Donald Trump won (rumor has it,… Read more »

Who’s next?

At my favorite fresh market (The Boys in Delray Beach) yesterday, I filled up on my usual collection of fruits and veggies and then took my mini-cart through the mini-aisles (the aisles are tight to fit more stuff, but it leads to some serious traffic jams) to the fish counter. I was delighted that they had my… Read more »