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Charity case

I was chatting with my friend about the exemplary performance of one of my favorite companies (and large stock holding), Apple.  I mentioned if my other core holding had a similarly great announcement this afternoon, I was going to take a vacation. When he asked where I would go, I popped out the “visit every… Read more »

I’d rather drink the Kool Aid

Bleh. Today is “prep” day.  That means drinking the most repulsive cocktail of all time…in the name of health. Yup, for those of you not old enough to have the pleasure, it’s colonoscopy day tomorrow and that means goop-drinking day today. Last time I tried this (my first ever), I had about 3/4 down before… Read more »

Is it okay to feel good when bad news turns less bad?

Recent family events have kept a damper over what should be a euphoric time.  Maintaining perspective within the scope of “we don’t have all the answers yet” is always a challenge, but I do like to believe the best possible results will happen to me and mine, so I’ve done my part in staying upbeat…. Read more »

The high cost of optimism

Day 3 of “Downer week” on the JMD blog. Dad was able to go through the kidney biopsy today, so we look forward to finally getting to the bottom of this in the next 48 hours.   In the meantime, read on… I’m a big fan in the power of positive thinking.  I think it… Read more »

Of Mom

Today would be Mom’s birthday. It’s always been easy to remember, since it falls on or around the first day of spring.  I always felt there was something poetic about a Mom (bringer of life) having a birthday on the first day of the season renowned for representing the “rebirth” of life each year. Over… Read more »

Blast from the past – #2 of 2011: “Moms”

Continuing our Besto f 2011 blogs – #2: This week ends with Mother’s Day, so I think it’s an appropriate time to dedicate this week’s posts to stories about Moms. My parents divorced when I was very little and my Dad remarried shortly after that, giving me two Moms for most of my life.  As… Read more »