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Aw, I was just kidding

When I was young, I was picked on in school. Not all the time. Perhaps because, despite being scrawny and nerdy, I liked playing sports and was decent at them. You don’t get picked on as much if you’re decent at sports. But, being scrawny and nerdy, I still got picked on. For being scrawny… Read more »

Bully Boot-camp

Driving back from my barber today, I saw a banner on a school fence with the above name on it.  It troubled me for a number of reasons, beyond the unfortunate name that actually sounds like a place to send your kid to train to be a bully. The banner had an image of a… Read more »

Don’t wait for facts to mess up your opinion!

Two catchphrases that should not be used together:  Ignorance is bliss.  Express yourself. We have a little brouhaha down here. Actually, it seems like the whole country is interested.  Or at least has an opinion.  Fortunately, no one needs to wait for facts to have one of those! In the time following the strange departure… Read more »