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White is the new black

When I moved to live here in Boca Raton, over 20 years ago, it was a surprise move for me. I had always expected to stay “down south”, closer to my Miami roots. My job at the time made the move sensible, as it was a (relatively) quick jaunt to work from my current home,… Read more »

Wake up and smell the salt

Huh.  Now I remember. I wrote three chapters today.  I could have written the final one as well, but I wanted to “save” that for a day all its own (fitting that it would be a Friday…TGIF can also stand for Thank God it’s Finished!). Instead, I saved the files to disk (old dog/new trick),… Read more »

My rubber chicken birthday

Hoo hah!  The invites are all out for the birthday bbq at the end of the month and the responses are coming in, which puts me in a birthday blogging mood (which you know I love to do if you checked out the “Events” category on the blog).  Read on… Just short of 12 years… Read more »