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How to measure a birthday BBQ

Two days removed from the birthday BBQ (that I annually throw for myself) and this could have been my most successful yet at my house (surpassed only by my big 50th birthday BBQ that I rented a pavilion at the park to use, so big it took two blog posts to relate – this one… Read more »

Why are so many fun food so…messy?

I was doing a quick turn in the supermarket the other day, buying all sorts of health appropriate items (fruits, salad, vegetables) when I got a hankering for a snack item.  I’m old enough to have hankerings, not like you kids with your cravings and itches (but not so old that I have yearnings). Anyhoo, I decided to pick up… Read more »

Rubbing me the right way

I was chatting with some people yesterday (you’ll find many of my blogs come from chatting with other people) and we were talking about ribs and bbq sauces and tastes. Now, they were talking about oven baking and what not, but thankfully, here in balmy South Florida, we can use the bbq grill all year… Read more »