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Blame and deflection are two poison pills of moving forward

When I was a kid, I found a lot of use for blaming. Mostly my older sister. Sometimes they were valid, in which case it was tattling. And sometimes it was not, in which case it was deflection. Then a funny thing happened. I grew up and didn’t need it anymore. Because blame and deflection… Read more »

Kids are being killed. For crying out loud, DO something!

You’re damn right I’m angry. Kids are being killed. Get out of here with your second amendment blather. Kids are being killed. For crying out loud, do something! Can you seriously tell me that a little extra waiting or a little extra paperwork is too much to ask? Seriously? Kids are being killed. Sure, you’re a responsible gun owner…. Read more »

It’s not the guns, but…

I’ve made it abundantly clear that I don’t care for guns. I’ve also made it just as clear I don’t care for knee-jerks. In the wake of the terrible actions of a hateful individual in Orlando, I expect there will be a lot of noise on both counts. As a backdrop, my sole experience with… Read more »