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There’s something fishy about my family!

If you’ve seen my facebook status updates for today, you know I was out fishing with my Dad and oldest niece.  It was a gorgeous Florida spring day and we had a great time.  My niece just missed out on pulling down the $90 fish pool (we should have demanded a re-weighing). Fish adventures have always… Read more »

College chums

Prologue Day two of the grand road trip began again around 5 am.  Leaving my comfortable motel I popped onto I-10 West and headed north for Atlanta. The full moon brazenly poked out of the clouds and leered down through an otherwise pitch black sky.  The fog was floating over the moors…er…I-10 and the whole… Read more »

Size matters

When I was a kid, some of the most fun I had was catching and raising salt-water fish in my aquarium.  You’ve read many times about my happiness living in Florida.  Easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and Florida’s terrific shorelines, including the reefs, is just another reason why it’s great to live here. My… Read more »