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No need to get all physical

Welp, it’s that time of year again. The obsessing. The imagination running wild. It’s all about to come true. Or not. Either way, there’s no need to get all physical about it. That’s someone else’s job, actually. Now that I’m in my declining years (bell curve it, peeps), I faithfully go for my annual checkup with… Read more »

Health scare

Most people I know are less than enthusiastic to visit the doctor. Any doctor. I know I’m a big baby when it comes to needles, so the main boogeyman for me is the annual checkup, which just happens to be coming around the corner. Well, I say annual, but my “primary care physician” is the… Read more »

Sugar, sugar

Well now that’s just perplexing. As with many things in life, the results of my blood test were a mixture of good and bad news. I was pleased to see continued improvement of my overall cholesterol levels. The number is still in the borderline area, but is markedly down from two years ago and keeps… Read more »

Let’s get physical

In about a month I’m due for my annual physical and once again I’ve planned it with perfectly awful timing. For years, I just didn’t go to doctors.  Maybe I got a cold or a cough every year or two, but otherwise, what was there to go for?  To be surrounded by other, sicker people… Read more »