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Will wonders never cease?

Gee, I sure hope not! The final day of shared self-reflection on my (now willing to admit) interesting life. We pick up from where we were yesterday, fired at the nadir of the financial crisis of 2009. Nobody wants me There I was, just shy of 50 years old and fired (let go, laid off,… Read more »

Tolerance is for cowards

I hear it all the time. I read it all the time. We should all be more tolerant. If only people were more tolerant. Less bad stuff would happen if there was more tolerance in the world. Baloney. There’s all too much tolerance in the world. Look at all we tolerate: racism, sexism, ageism, discrimination,… Read more »

People, people everywhere and not a job to find…

We have serious problems troubling the world.  Violence in the streets and violence in the homes.  Wars between foreign countries and wars in foreign countries.  Divisions over culture and divisions over politics.  Worldwide ecology that is rotting and worldwide economies that are rotten. In all of that, is the trial of a person searching for a… Read more »

When did this turn into work?

Blog posts were temporarily disabled due to a still unexplained interruption in my access to my website.  I apologize to all you deprived fans out there.  Now, read on… Having a successful couple of weeks recently in making great progress on “What Next?”, I had a moment for some introspection to contrast the style and… Read more »

No experience preferred

Let’s continue on our tour of mankind’s less admirable side during what may be called “Dark week” here on the JMD blog…our first in that genre ever! In prior weeks’ posts, I have suggested I might once again dabble in the working world.  A combination of factors such as finances, socialization and downright boredom could… Read more »