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Going undercover

‘Tis a sad thing, alas, to be faced with one’s own mortality.  It brings with it many memories, such as life’s experience and loves shared, but it also visits upon us such ravages as only age can.  It is with heavy heart and (appropriately) drooped head that I must face my own personal doom. Once… Read more »

Unlucky stiff

<Quirk week will be delayed a day for medical reasons as detailed below.  Now, read on…> Wow.  Just wow. I recognize the inevitability; I do.  Combine the irresistible force of continued physical activity with the immovable object of advancing age and I know that I am going to incur increasing chances of soreness.  But still,… Read more »

Man! I really AM old!

Heading to the graduation of my younger niece, I was selected for chauffeur duty for my Dad, Stepmom and older niece (the Avalon being a fine, large car that outclasses my Dad’s Cadillac – don’t ask me, ask him!). My older niece piled into the passenger seat up front and we proceeded to have our… Read more »