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You can’t have too many friends

With all due respect to the great Mr. James Garner, Facebook would like to disagree with you. Over the course of last year, my news feed on Facebook began to be overwhelmed with political posts. Well, political in the sense that they mentioned a political party or candidate. Neither side showered themselves in any glory…. Read more »

Nuclear proliferation

I’ve never considered myself a leader. Looking back over my years in Corporate America, I can see that I had high ideals but a mixture of immaturity and naivety likely caused me to hurt as much as I helped. Now that I’m all but done with public life, I can focus on what I hope… Read more »

Uncivil war

Last Tuesday, I received a surprise text from my elder nieceling, ironically spending a few days with a friend in Philadelphia. She was distressed about the direction the election results were taking. “Scared” was the word she used. She texted that she felt we would all be “screwed” if Donald Trump won (rumor has it,… Read more »

It’s so sad

You’re probably expecting this to be a post about the election. Wrong! Feel free to get your fill on that subject through social media and cable news. I’m certain you’ll be inundated. Here on the JMD blog, we only discuss important things, such as what can cause the blue feeling suggested by today’s headline. It’s… Read more »

A mute point

I was certain nothing and no one in my household was going to be more glad that today marks the end of this horrific election. But I reckoned incorrectly, for I forgot about something. The mute button on my TV remote. Oh, my poor beleaguered mute button. For months upon months, I’ve abused that little… Read more »

What will you be doing on November 8th?

Golly! Less than two weeks until all those annoying political ads disappear from our airwaves. Less than two weeks until the recycle truck workers and postal carriers can sigh in relief from thousands of tons of those annoying political mailers stopping. So, then, what will you be doing on November 8th? A good many of… Read more »

No one respects (fill in blank) more than me

In this doofy presidential election full of doofy comments from both sides, forgive me if I find this the doofiest. Part of the reason it so makes me raise my hands to the sides of my head is that it appears it is said without thinking. In this case, I mean reflexive rather than thoughtless…. Read more »

You’re not entitled to your opinion

I was watching CNN for a little bit the other day (honestly, no matter who I watch, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, they all grate on me after a little while) and one of the reporters was interviewing Donald Trump supporters outside a Florida rally. There were no surprises. Their devotion to Mr. Trump is rock-solid, almost… Read more »

Tolerance is for cowards

I hear it all the time. I read it all the time. We should all be more tolerant. If only people were more tolerant. Less bad stuff would happen if there was more tolerance in the world. Baloney. There’s all too much tolerance in the world. Look at all we tolerate: racism, sexism, ageism, discrimination,… Read more »

Whoever wins the turnover battle

Just in time for football season. This presidential race sure looks like it’s going to go all the way to the fourth quarter and just like in football, it looks like someone is going to lose the game as opposed to someone winning it. Really, it’s crazy. Both candidates have made comments dumb as a… Read more »