Sweating over the plot


sweating the plotMy timing sucks.

Seriously, why couldn’t I get my story epiphany four months ago. I mean, I had to come up with ideas and get excited in the dog days of summer?

And not just any summer, oh no. This is the summer of all summers. Everybody is getting a heat wave so awful that it even makes Republicans think climate change is real (but don’t tell anyone).

Now, newcomers to this blog may not know my “secret sauce” for writing. Rather than point you to all those posts (or even the FAQ), I’ll reveal it in two words: the beach.

I’ve done practically all my writing from a chair planted in front of the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

But, usually, in April and May.

My routine is simple: grab a couple of ruled pads and a couple of pens (after twice running out of ink and only having one…d’oh!) and hash out the plot through a series of almost readable scribbles. I actually have pretty nice handwriting, except when I’m writing a book, when I get excited and my hand tries to keep up with my thoughts.

Using that as my road map, I take a little laptop (one of those 8″ screen jobs) and, using that same, now sandy, chair, start banging out chapters.

I could go on about how the glare from the sand and sea makes seeing my typing impossible or how the sweat while I’m writing sometimes makes the ink run on my notepads, but, hey, you can look up those posts if you want.

The real concern for me is I’ve usually finished my core writing by now and spend the rest of the time transcribing and editing in the cozy confines of my little home office.

I’ve got some real dread about starting the whole process this late into summer. Before I’ve even lugged that chair out to the beach, I’m already sweating over the plot.

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