Sugar, sugar


sugar sugarWell now that’s just perplexing.

As with many things in life, the results of my blood test were a mixture of good and bad news.

I was pleased to see continued improvement of my overall cholesterol levels. The number is still in the borderline area, but is markedly down from two years ago and keeps trending down. The doctor now calls it “stable”, though he still suggested a low-fat diet.

On the other hand, my triglycerides have returned to the higher levels of a couple of years ago (this after a significant decrease last year).

The results baffle me, as I was sure my lost time and bad eating over my 2 1/2 month Great North American Baseball Road Trip had ruined my progress on drawing down my cholesterol (to avoid having to take “the pill”). Instead, it was my sugars that rose.

It’s confusing to me because I kicked soda out of the house last year. I haven’t had any candy in the house since, well, last Halloween and my special “bad Sundays” haven’t been over-the-top sweetness. Even my iced tea just has one single tablespoon of sugar per half-gallon. Where is all that sugar coming from?

Ah well. I guess I’ll now kick out PBJ sandwiches. And no occasional pancakes and syrup. I choose not to get “sugar-free” foods because they taste sugar-free. To my taste buds, that’s just bad (like fat free).

My only working theory is that during my GNABRT I had plenty of bad food and drink, including lots of soda and “road candies” that my system simply did not have time to vacate the sugar before my annual physical. At least that’s the theory I’m going to go with in my refusal to go “cold turkey” on all sugar.

Being a silver-lining type of guy, I take note that my cholesterol dropped in spite of that bad cuisine (and lack of exercise) on my GNABRT. Imagine how low it would have been without that 2 1/2 month interruption!

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