When, suddenly…


nothing…there was nothing to do.

There I was, flush with the thrill and pride from completing my fantasy trilogy and then…meh.  Oh, there are several projects to talk about, writing and otherwise, but between now and when the book actually releases, well, not so much.

Now, a more experienced or talented marketer than I would be doing all sorts of experienced and talented marketing-type things right now to ensure the final book (and trilogy) rocked the sales charts upon release.  Erm, I think you can tell that’s not me.  But I do still blog and that being the case, let’s talk upcoming projects!

Right after I finished the first book in the trilogy (What if?), I had a period of euphoria.  I was a published author!  I held my very own book in my very own hands (admittedly, I couldn’t very well hold it in someone else’s hands)!  I was on a high of unfamiliar proportions (if only I had taken advantage of my college opportunities at University of Florida).  So I did what every euphoric first-time published author would do:  I came up with another book idea and started a relationship, pretty much in the same week.

Interestingly, both were huge departures from my “comfort zone”.  Both would stretch me to my imaginative limits and, ultimately, to my mental limits.  I gave up on both and returned to writing Jeremy’s adventures (though the interruption did cause a delay between Book One and Book Two).  Now that peace has returned to the land and my original quest has been completed, I recently found myself getting excited about picking up where I left off.  No, not the relationship (yikes!), the book idea.

It’s going to be a tough one.  It’s a humorous “self-help” book and I think it’s a totally new twist, never-done-before kind of idea (presuming every idea hasn’t already been done).  Humor is difficult to write.  An entire humorous book is even tougher.  On the plus side, good or bad, it will be something to laugh at!

In the non-writing arena, I am working with a friend of mine to start a business aimed at providing key advantages for teens and young adults that will help them choose the best path to grab their future and avoid the big unknowns that too often derail them before they can get very far.  It’s an ambitious idea and will take a lot of things coming together, but it will be rewarding if we pull it off (I’m not so sure about profitable, but we can always hope).  I expect this enterprise to be chewing up lots of my time in the next few months.

Finally, there’s the temptation to rejoin the working world.  When I left to write books, I was teeter-tottering about returning to the “rat race”.  Circumstances now place me in a favorable position to avoid that return, but from a social aspect, I do miss the interaction with fellow workers and customers.  My Dad recently said he didn’t think I could go back to work full-time.  He might be on to something, but I still think I may dip a toe in the waters and see if it’s my temperature.

Given the above making my life busy again, I am happy to currently enjoy my peaceful meandering, however brief.

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