Suck it up


superman sucked upTo everything there comes an ending.

I’ve known for some time that the end was near, but I hoped to delay it by scaling back and ignoring the evidence.  But that time has passed and this time has come.

My vacuum cleaner is no more.

On its way to its final resting place after at least 10 years of service, it acted very oddly.  Sometimes it would shut off for no reason.  Sometimes it would be blinking lights at me (though there were no clogs or other blockages).  One time, beyond my understanding, it kept running after the plug was pulled.

Now it runs no more.

Researching vacuums on the internet was profitable and illuminating.  Hoo boy are there a ton of them!  Based on a combination of price, performance and reviews, I’ve decided on a Shark brand canister/upright.

I expect, just like my new car, the technology in this vacuum will be more impressive than my recently departed one.  My old vacuum really sucked, but I’m looking forward to this new one sucking even more.

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