Sticking to the facts


Quite a lot of news out there these days. Generally, that’s always true, but it certainly seems louder now. We’ve got 24/7 media to thank for that, broadcast and social. It’s getting harder and harder to find the truth amidst the opinions. But, as I tackled some of those issues, my goal is to be sticking to the facts.

Now, facts is a word that should never have quotations around it. But, because of the hardened “one-viewpoint” way all of us seem to be taking in news recently, it’s tough to find the true facts.

Well, that’s not exactly correct. It’s actually just tough to get people to accept facts.

Few people visit “the other side” to see how their news is presented from an opposing view. Most people are content to stay in their camps and pooh-pooh (as polite as I can get) any differing information as biased.

For my part, in future posts and discussions, I will attempt to pull from both “left” and “right” sources to find the matching bits of information that, indisputably, must be facts. If I use references, I will try to stay away from opinions.

That doesn’t mean I am going to be any more convincing to those people who don’t regularly agree with me. By now, my views on society, government and the world are well-known by my readers.

It’s possible I still have some conservative followers who read through my posts. My disdain for the current resident in the Oval Office notwithstanding, I’ve tried to avoid making my opinions take on the effect of a “slight” to those not sharing my views.

It’s in that spirit that I hope to open a discussion about active issues here and abroad. I won’t shy away from my own opinions, this is my blog, after all. But, I hope I can retain enough trust by my readers that I will not be dismissed outright as “fake news”.

I aim to keep that trust by doing one really important thing. I plan on making sure that, whenever I am bringing information to the table, it will be trustworthy. Because, I’ll be sticking to the facts.

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