Stay or go


My blog posts are not very “hip”.

Owing more to my writing roots than my innate laziness (which I never refuse to give its due), I don’t do a lot of “fancying” up of my posts.

They generally run on type: a single image followed by a lot of words. Occasionally, as in my “Out on a Limb” feature, I’ll throw in multiple images. Also occasionally, I’ll add a link to a previously relevant post. But that’s about it.

One of the most compelling reasons for sticking with that plan is the blog remains self-contained. I’ve never attempted to reach a wider audience, so I’m not in “competition” with other more glitzy sites.

Another reason is protection. By avoiding outside links, I can hermetically seal my blog from the stray broken or broken into link. This also helps to keep my spam contacts down to a minimum. Once you start linking to outside sites, you are “discoverable” and all manner of sites come a calling. Most of those are reputable, but who wants the headache of researching each request?

One thing I do with my own links is set them up to launch the link in a separate tab. This is based on my personal preferences. I would rather not have the page I am currently reading disappear when I click on a link. Not every web site treats the “back page” button the same and I have sometimes found myself unable to get back to my previous location (some of this may be the new page taking “control” of the browser).

However, since my blog is self-contained, this shouldn’t be a problem for you, my readers. So I ask you this question: do you have a preference about links in my blog posts? Would you rather them show up on the same page you’re reading or do you like them popping up a new tab on your browser?

It’s actually easier for me to let them show up on the same page. I have to manually adjust the link dialog to request a new tab. So, I can easily be persuaded by you.

Since I do 98.956% of my browsing on my desktop, either method works for me. I don’t know if you phone and tablet users would be better served by one method or the other.

Let me know: Do you like to stay on the same page or go to a new tab?

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