Standing the test of time


“Brief week” continues…

I was micro-zapping some lunch today and realized that I was still using the dish and top from an old microwave meal sold many years ago (raise your hand if you remember “Le Menu”, the first of the “upscale” microwave craze).

It occurs to me that I have a (trait, quirk, defect) where I enjoy seeing just how long I can keep an item in serviceable use.  I didn’t look up the date these microwave dishes were released, I have to leave something fun for you to do, but it was plenty of years ago.  Yet, these things are the perfect microwave cooking dishes.  Honestly, I’m not sure you can buy a better designed item (even at Williams Sonoma, although I’m sure it would look pretty).

I see this trend of mine carries to towels, scissors, Pyrex cookware (I could list more, but this is “brief week”).

Perhaps the above (trait, quirk, defect) sounds like I’m just cheap.  I think my friends might offer an opposing view (as would my beautiful 60” flat screen and surround blue-ray and excessive but impressive home remodeling).  I look at it as a combination of being brought up in a pragmatic, frugal home where the more life you could get out of the “boring” things in life, the more you could spend on fun things!

No, this doesn’t extend to socks or underwear with holes in them, thank you very much.  There are some times when pragmatic and frugal just doesn’t fit well.

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