Spud Month


You all know by now that I’m running a monthly cooking challenge. It started last year and even I’m impressed with how good I am at keeping up. I’m looking ahead for something new and different. And I came up with it: Spud Month!

For the last 15 months, every recipe I have cooked is a main course. Makes sense, on the face of it, since I already handle green vegetables well. Sure, I occasionally throw in a different side, but it’s mostly greens.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know I already have a plan for 2018. It’s easy to refresh your memory, just check out the accompanying link. But, as I came into this month, I began to alter my thinking.

Plans are made to be broken!

First of all, I just don’t see those baking choices as all that applicable. Brownies and cup cakes? C’mon, there are mixes for those. I looked up bowties and no way am I going through that much effort just for my bad health. So, if I knock out baking, what do I replace it with?

Well, I’m safe for April, since it’s going to be pork-something. I’m still waffling between pulled pork or mu shu pork, but I’ve got three weeks left, so I’m good. Then it hit me.


No, I didn’t actually get hit in the head with a potato. But maybe a light bulb, in the shape of a spud, lit up over my head.

While I quite enjoy potatoes of all types, I rarely seem to include them in my cooking. Occasionally, I’ll buy a few baking potatoes. Maybe a bag of crinkle fries or tater tots. But, that’s about it.

And, I love potatoes. Mashed, scalloped, baked, roasted…okay, you get the point.

So, I went on my famous recipe book known as the internet and scouted me up some potato recipes. And then, I figured out how to schedule them in. I call it “May”.

I am going to use next month as my Spud Month. Each week, I will cook a new spud recipe. I have the first three already down:

– Mashed potatoes (with brown gravy!)

– Scalloped potatoes (au gratin, of course!)

– Garlic roasted potatoes (done crispy!)

I’m still deciding on the fourth recipe.

This will work out fantastic for more than just me. May is birthday BBQ month, so I can bring one of those specialties to the gaggle of guests.

That will make a nice, new addition. Generally, the sides I provide are the same: broccoli, corn, baked beans and mac & cheese. I think, especially for a BBQ, potatoes are in order.

Sure, to the rest of you, these are like “Dur. Everyone but you already cooks potatoes.” But, for me, this is going to count as new. Totally, man. Heck, I never even used instant mashed potatoes mix before and now, here I am going to make them from scratch.

So, yeah, my first non-main course recipe in my cooking challenge is going to be multiple recipes. All potatoes, all the time.

Spud Month!


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