Spud Month Week 3 – MP


Here it is, the last week before the big Birthday BBQ. Time for my last potato recipe and it’s a classic. Never before cooked by me. I present, Spud Month Week 3 – MP!

Now, the “MP” part is already given away with the picture. Really, is there any possible way to present mashed potatoes that would be exciting? Outside of Richard Dreyfuss building Devil’s Tower in CEotTK, it just can’t be done.

So, let’s just break down Spud Month Week 3 – MP:

The spuds

The recipe called for “golden creamers”. Whatever. I got golden potatoes. They’d be creamed soon enough. Of course, the bag was only 3 lbs. and the recipe wants 4. Either way, it’s more than needed for a single guy.

The peeling

Tougher to peel than regular baked potatoes because they are smaller. Plus, they become slippery once you start getting the skin off.

When will outrage turn into action?

And, I was distracted during peeling by news of another barbaric act at a school. With my attention (understandably) diverted, I managed to peel part of my pointer finger, too. Sigh.

I don’t want to get into the school shooting, since I will just get angry. I can throw up one of my old posts, for all the good that ever does.

The cooking

The spuds, now peeled and quartered, get thrown in a pot with a bay leaf (someone will one day explain to me this fascination recipes have with bay leaves) and boiled for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, 2 cups of heavy cream and 3 tablespoons of butter are melting and heating together.

The mashing

I had always planned to use the food processor to make quick work of the spuds. But, something nagged at me.

I jumped online and put in some research. Apparently, no one likes using food processors for mashed potatoes. One site even goes into how it “tears apart the binding starches”. Apparently, either the potatoes get all gooey or I rip a hole in the fabric of space and create a singularity.

Either one suggests a bad end for my mashed potatoes. So, I opt for a large metal salad fork for my masher.

I imagine horrible times ahead, but, spud newbie that I am, I do not reckon with how soft those boiled potatoes really are. Duh. Easy enough to mash without any real strength required.

The finish

Mixing in the cream and butter, throwing in some ground pepper and stirring with a big spoon. I have now made my first mashed potatoes. Now to pour some gravy on them.

Oh, wait, the gravy

I forgot to mention. The potatoes are on for a boil and the butter and cream are on low heat. I go to the pantry to pull out my brown gravy (pre-made, no working with flour for me). And it’s missing.


I make a snap decision, tie on some feet and zip the car over to Publix. And, wouldn’t you know, there is a line at all three registers. Rargh.

I still make it back with plenty of time to spare and the mashed potatoes tasted just fine. So ends Spud Month Week 3 – MP.

Actually, this pretty much ends Spud Month. All next week is about preparing the house and food for Birthday BBQ.

And that means, that’s all the topics you’re going to see next week. Hah!

6 Responses to “Spud Month Week 3 – MP”

  1. Steve

    I am sure you have created some quality mashed potatoes there Jeff, but at the risk of further inflaming your readers against my overly-frequent comments I will offer my rare non-political comment. If you are too lazy to make real ones, the Idahoan Buttery Homestyle mashed potatoes mix available at your local grocery store are really quite good!

    • JMD

      Ha! My interest was only in the making of them once, not in repeat performances. As you can see by the bowl, I will have to eat mashed potatoes for the next two weeks – straight – to get rid of them.

      As an aside, I am now so over-starched from the spud-heavy recipes this month, I have actually gained weight (especially when you consider the ultra-cheesy scalloped recipe).

      Back to “real” foods in June.

      • Steve Lewis

        My post was not aimed at you (you are you obviously not too lazy), but as a PSA to your readers. Cheers!

        • JMD

          To think I have now actually deceived you, too, my longest living friend.

          Laziness is one of my mutant powers.

          • Steve Lewis

            You are in the less then 1% of the population who regularly posts written entries on the internet of over a few dozen words, properly spelled and grammatically correct (and well written IMHO). Hardly lazy, my Jedi friend. You are too humble.

  2. JMD

    You know, after I posted that, while cleaning up after my cooking (MP really uses a lot of pans, pots and bowls), I was thinking along those same lines.

    In my nine years since retiring, I’ve not done a whole lot when I’m home. Just dawdling, reading or playing around.

    But, I’ve written three books, taken a 15,000 mile road trip across America (and a little Canada), hosted 2 big BBQ’s every year, done family taxes for half a dozen years and posted blogs 1,164 times. And now I’ve got my year and a half old monthly cooking challenge.

    So, yeah, maybe it’s only SELECTIVE laziness. I don’t think I earn a spandex jumpsuit for that.


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