Spud Month Week 2 – SPAG


It’s Friday! For most of you, that means time to celebrate the weekend. For me, however, it is the final and desperate day to cook my weekly potato recipe. And thus begins the tale of Spud Month Week 2 – SPAG!

There was an added challenge to Spud Month Week 2 – SPAG (the official title). I also needed to cook up a batch of Italian sausages with peppers and onions. And, because of my over-supply from last week’s Spud Month recipe, I added in some of those garlic roasted potatoes.

Logistics would be my most critical asset. How to set up the cooking rotation to maximize my efforts in the kitchen. The pattern became immediately clear: SPAG first and then sausages while SPAG was baking.

Spud Month Week One, in case you missed it

Okay, we’re three paragraphs in and I haven’t really defined Spud Month Week 2 – SPAG. We’re talking about scalloped potatoes au gratin. A delish dish beloved by all (and if not, you should!).

So, to work. First part was butter and flour. By now, you know I don’t like working with flower. It’s tedious and troublesome. But this was only three tablespoons, so that worked out okay. Mix it, bring it to a low boil and then add milk and grated cheese.

Side note on the recipe: Long ago I made the switch to (ugh) 2% milk. I’ve grown accustomed enough to it that I don’t grimace anymore (but don’t even think about asking me to go to 1%).

For cooking a recipe like this, however, I made the switch back to whole milk. I mean, if you’re gonna cook SPAG, you should do it right. Since it’s more economical to do the half-gallon bit, my Sunday morning bad-for-me treat is going to taste even creamier!

Alrighty, back to the cooking. My handy (and indestructible) Oxo peeler made short work of the three potatoes. And my trusty Japanese chef knife took care of the slicing. Then it was just laying out a base, pouring about half the cheese sauce on top and repeating for a second layer.

Leftover grated cheese sprinkled over the top along with some paprika for coloration and in it goes into the over for an hour at 350°. The picture shows the result. My taste buds approved.

Best part: while the SPAG was cooking, I was able to sear my sausages, slice my veggies and saute my sausage, peppers, onions and potatoes dish. Tasty!

So, a pretty fine day in the kitchen, though there’s still a bit of stove top cleaning to finish up. Not bad for Spud Month Week 2 – SPAG.

Next week is my last before Birthday BBQ prep, so it’s probably my last Spud Month recipe. Since I’ve never done it before and no Spud Month can exist without it, check back next Friday for Spud Month Week 3 – MP.

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