Spoiler alert

It’s a puzzler, make no doubt about it.  What to do?  What to do?

When I first imagined this site, I thought of it as a journal, chronicling my travels as I wandered the cluttered, but strangely desolate, paths of fiction writing.

In my mind, I had always pictured this as a ride with as many passengers who wished to join.  It’s a vehicle that I expected would move slowly enough that I would not have to stop to pick anyone up; they could just hop on and off at whatever point they chose.

When (which I much prefer over the more conservative “if”) I reached the destination, being enough sales to warrant further books, likely the ride would pick up greater speed and this type of vehicle, at least, would need to be retired.  But until then, I reasoned, you could share with me the roads, broken cobblestones to cleanly paved, that would take me there.

So it comes that as I gain further traction and speed on Book 2, I am just as eager to engage my fellow travelers with the direction and color of the middle of the trilogy.  Since this book is as much about surprise and mystery, that desire to share is in conflict with protecting the integrity and enjoyment of the work for the reading.

Letting key glimpses of a story out can sometimes lead to fatally deflated climactic scenes (“I’m your father, Luke!”).  Sometimes, in reviews or interviews, you read or hear someone say “spoiler warning”, meaning, if you don’t want a key plot item revealed, hold your hands over your ears and go “la-la-la” (or close your eyes if you’re reading…wait, the words are still there…okay, turn the page quickly).

I want to keep you involved in my journey; letting you see as many of the sights along the way, but where does information change into too much information?

I could share a “preview” of the first chapter to you, but until I finish the book, the first chapter is never really done.  I could describe some of the plot twists in store for you, but in my excitement about them I would surely ruin their impact to you as a reader.

I’ve thrown a little bit out there on the forum.  I don’t think it’s too revealing.  I would like to share more, but I haven’t been able to come up with a way to do that without allowing too much to spill out.  I prefer to stay away from “spoilers”, since the word is self-explanatory to what it means to read one.

So forgive me, fellow rider, if there are some sights on the trip we just speed past and I don’t point out to you.  We will get to the end of our journey with no less enlightenment and hopefully a good deal more enjoyment.