Spin doctor


With all the political news and constant crises battering the airwaves and print, it’s hard to figure out what’s real. Everywhere is information and disinformation. And there’s rarely a moment where someone isn’t trying to explain or retract what they’ve just said. It’s no wonder there’s such a demand for a spin doctor.

Now, you might think, when I say “spin doctor” I’m referring to a White House constantly scrambling to explain misinformed tweets. Or, you could imagine I’m describing fast backtracking congressmen, who change their positions with dizzying regularity.

But, no, in this case, I’m not talking metaphorically or figuratively about media-related activity. I’m talking literally. Although, media is sort of the cause of it.

Meh. Cable companies.

Let me explain.

This all began a few months ago, after my break-up with Comcast. As usual, they were proving rapacious in their new charges, so I cut ties with them. Normally, I wait them out and we all live happily ever after. This time, they made me an offer I must refuse. It’s all detailed in the link to the right.

So, my life as a cord-cutter continues, but with the great addition of my new 4K home theater system. It is a beauty, with picture and sound I am becoming ever more endeared to. In fact, rather than regale you here, I’ve given you yet another easily accessed link to learn more.

Spin up a disc!

But, all was not cozy in 4K-ville. Soon after settling into my routine, my disc player began making noise. Loud, grinding, munching noise.

At first, I suspected it was a specific disc, a new one I bought on Amazon, since everyone knows they are a scam. They dutifully sent me a replacement disc at no charge, but it made the same noise (see?).

Of course, I felt pretty guilty when the noise began to appear on other discs. Soon, all of my discs were making noise.

Let me be clear, here. The noise was so loud, that I could hear it during the playing of movies, including action movies. Let’s just say that John Wick’s gun wasn’t the only loud noise coming from my player.

LG is taking over!

Okay, even I have to admit that something’s not right at that point (sorry, Amazon!). So, I contacted LG, the maker of all my beautiful theater electronics. And my entire kitchen, when you think about it, as I did in this little ditty of a post.

LG said I needed to ship the product back to them, as it is still under full warranty. They would send me a box and label. No cost to me.

I asked if there is a local LG shop and they found me one. I prefer to keep business local when I can (other than my prolific use of that scammy Amazon). Turns out, just 20 minutes away from me in Pompano Beach is a little hole-in-the wall shop specializing in LG.

It took three weeks for them to finish. I was amazed at how much I was missing my player. I only stream Amazon Prime and XM, so, while I could get some good news and commentary programs, my TV viewing options were quite spare.

In the interim, I have been buying sale items of 4K quality. I did reach “outside the box” a bit for an awesome remastered Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (highly recommended, peeps). Suffice to say, I was chomping at the bit for some (quiet) disc playing.

My player is now back and I’ve already “binge” watched several movies of outstanding picture and sound quality. And silent disc player, too.

Just what I ordered when I went to a legitimate spin doctor.




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