spidersThey’re everywhere! They’re everywhere! Aaaahh!

The early part of my morning walk is on a path that is riddled with especially industrious ants. In order to maintain a brisk walking pace, I need to focus on the ground ahead in order to sidestep destroying their homes and structures.

For whatever reason, some sixth sense (spider sense?) warned me to look up just before crashing into a monstrous spider web across the path. When I say monstrous, I mean I was looking over my shoulder for Shelob.

In another example of our ever-changing biosphere, Florida has seen an explosion of these smallish (but very active) spiders, aptly called crab spiders (no doubt because of how crabby I get with them all around my yard).

Normally, the spiders build in the untrimmed mass of foliage off to the side of my walking path, but this puppy was nearly directly across.

I’m not even sure how these tiny things can build webs this big. They’re probably forming gangs…the Spins and the Webs, maybe. If they break out into musical numbers, I’m heading north.

(I say north because, during my GNABRT last year, I stopped in at Glacier National Park and learned, among other things, that their forests have few spiders because of the cold (here, check out the post…).

Whatever the case, these guys are everywhere and they would be amazing if I weren’t so crabby. Even our daily thunderstorms, which frequently wash away the webs, don’t have much impact, as they are back up again in short order (and woe to me if I don’t move my car at least once a day).

I’m already tasking my limited brain power by trying to walk and watch out for ant construction at the same time, if I have to include looking up frequently to avoid becoming Frodo, I may just be driven starkers.

I may have no choice…those spiders are everywhere!

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