Sometimes I have to look for the weird


look for weirdAnd sometimes it just comes to me.

For example, in the last two days, I received two new reviews of my first book, “What if?”. In one, the reviewer takes me to task for unbelievable dialogue while the other lauds me for its correctness. One was disappointed and the other pleased (yet the ratings only differed by one star, go figure).

I’ve been anticipating returning to the beach to likewise return to writing. In the interim, I’ve been trying new authors I’ve not read before. Frustratingly, I keep stalling on the books from a sense of “sameness”.

It’s not that the genres are similar or the plots, it’s just a general disinterest in the stories.

To properly cleanse my mental palate, I pulled out the first volume of my classic complete collection of Gary Larson’s “The Far Side”.

These are monstrous tomes, collecting every cartoon published in syndication. It’s a wild and weird journey through a twisted sense of humor.

As with most people, there are some Larson cartoons that barely make me smirk and there are others that have me chortling days later. Here is the ultimate example of weirdness, in that my above reference review contrast could easily occur within seconds on each page of the book (or each day, during its actual publication).

One cannot read “The Far Side” in their right mind; it just would not make sense.

Fortunately, it’s exactly the reading I need just now, prior to jumping back into my own writing seat. Not enough weird comes to me directly; sometimes I have to look for it.

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