Something old, something new


Zipping through today’s post.  It’s opening day for Major League Baseball and a nationally televised game between my new look Marlins and the world champion Cardinals; it’s rematch time in a nationally televised basketball game between the Heat and the Thunder; it’s laundry day and it’s writing day, which means everything in between gets squeezed (including lunch with a friend and holiday food shopping).

The writing on “What Next?” is now well and fully underway, ushered in by the return of serviceable temperatures at the beach in the morning.

Considering the various stops and starts getting going on Book 2 of the trilogy, I decided to modify my writing methods to “ease” me back into the flow.  I kept the page from the writing of the first book by heading out to the beach on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, bringing a chair for writing and a blanket for relaxing.

The change I made this time round is leaving the laptop home.  I’ve mentioned I couldn’t see the screen anyway due to the glare, but that wasn’t the reason.  I decided there were two other issues that “slowed” my writing muse and this time I vowed to eliminate any potential obstructions.

First, the laptop is barometrically challenged.  There were a number of days during “What If?” that I had to pack up and head home simply because thunderheads were moving across the ocean towards the beach.  Laptops and water are not a smart mix (yes, I brought it to sit next to the largest body of water around the state, but the 6-inch surf didn’t provoke much fear).

Second, the laptop itself now seemed cumbersome and slow.  It weighed little enough, but that was still more than the combined weight of anything else in my beach bag.  I just didn’t feel as excited about bringing it along anymore.

Instead, I brought out the old-fashioned ruled writing pads.  I had a nice portfolio left over from my professional days, which held a roller pen in the spine, and the whole thing slipped nicely inside the beach bag.

For whatever reason, I find it more enjoyable and easier to hand write “What Next?” and then come home and type it into the word processor.  Using this method, I’ve found that special place where my story was hiding and the tale is now spurting out like a backed-up hose cleared of a blockage.

I’m back up to about a quarter of the book finished (after restarting from scratch) in just a couple of weeks.  I remain hopeful to finish the first draft by May and keep on schedule to have it published around my birthday (Happy Birthday to me).

D’oh!  I just realized I missed a perfect opportunity to buy a pack of writing pads when I was at Wal-Mart earlier.  Ah well, I can wait until Monday, when the Peeps and other Easter candy should go on sale.

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