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My childhood friend is in town and between dinner last night and preparing a BBQ for him and his gaggle, I’m a little behind schedule.  While the ribs are slow grilling, let me try to get a post in now and see if I can make up the missing post before the weekend.

We’re back on a theme at the JMD blog, hereby designating this as “Fish Week”.  Tales will be told about my various adventures with fish over the years, either fishing or aquarium hunting.

I’ve read a number of comments over the past few years of the viewpoint that fishing is cruel.  You stab a sharp object in a fish’s mouth, yank him out of the water and then let him go.  I suppose, under this view, aquarium fishing is also cruel.  Taken further, you get into the whole discussion of animal rights.

I’m not sure how to feel about that.  I enjoy fishing a lot (my Dad and niece are heading out this Thursday), but I can see the point.  Unfortunately, you could make this case to the extreme about anything.  You can’t let vegetarians off the hook (no pun intended).  What if plants and trees have feelings too and we just don’t know it?

I would like to be broad minded enough to think I could “feel” for every living creature, but I suppose I allow the line to remain blurry as it interferes with my entertainment.  One would hope that’s not the same moral (or lazy) rationalization that goes on as someone considers murdering a person.  At least for me, the slope is not that slippery.

Perhaps those naysayers would at least feel some comfort knowing I at least entertain these thoughts and it does sometimes wilt my enthusiasm.

Unless I hook a big one and, after a prolonged fight to get him in the boat, I win the pot and have dinner for a week (two if you count the money from the pot).  Admittedly most carnivores don’t do victory dances after their big catch, but I don’t see any Animal Planet specials on Lions and Tigers betting pools, either.

So, with a nod of acknowledgement to those championing animal rights, following posts this week will focus more on my escapades fishing than the actual catching and/or torturing of finned creatures.  In fact, in more than one story, the fish tend to win!

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