May 7, 2021

2 thoughts on “Some dreams die of new age

  1. A rather large part of me wants to argue against you’re dream being as unlikely as you seem to think, but I’m not a small business owner so I can’t. I can point out though that your statements regarding use of tech preventing customers from coming into a store front bookstore are generally unfounded. All of the people I know who read for pleasure, regardless of whether or not they own an e-reader or a tablet, prefer real books to digital and enjoy going to independent bookstores because the people who work there tend to be readers. You might lose some customers to digital books, but probably not enough to put you out of business.

    1. Fair enough rebuttal (and encouraging as well). The relevant evidence I would point to is the drying up of the bookstore chains, which are no longer able to support themselves, even with subsidiary sales from food, music and other non-written merchandise.

      The single store owner today faces the increased costs of establishing and running a business, the thin margin nature of used book sales and an increasing preference for e-reading in the “next” generation that eventually leaves you with a measurably smaller print audience to work with. This may not be as big an obstacle for an already established brick and mortar, whose customers may have grown up with the store, but it is definitely a challenge for a new store owner.

      Thank you for your thoughtful response that all may not be as bleak a picture as I painted, I’m happy for any support to the contrary of my post. I’m even willing to allow I could have been less downbeat in my assessmnet…but then I would have wasted a good headline!

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