So that’s why people don’t do stuff

So that's why people don't do stuff, they spend all their free time "in the stream".

Recently, I gained access to Netflix (as a gift). I also am an Amazon Prime member, primarily for the free shipping (which they now seem to be forcing everyone else to do anyway). While I’m not a heavy TV viewer, friends and family badger me to watch this program or that. After finally acquiescing, I had an epiphany: So that’s why people don’t do stuff.

Give me a moment to think

This morning, on my brain-slowing, mind-freeing walk, I had a productive writing “session”.

In it, I mapped out a couple of chapters for my GNABRT book and some blog post topics. Along the way, I realized I had not gotten much done recently on either front.

I spent a good mile of my walk deconstructing my last few weeks and (beside the illness thing) it was pretty clear where I was spending my time.

Stream a little stream for me

I’m not a big TV viewer. So, if I am going to stream a TV series, it means I’m gonna have a lot of back episodes to catch up on.

Bowing to peer pressure, I selected a few different series. Some are cable only and some are network shows available on streaming channels.

What happens next probably happens to many streamers – I kept loading one episode after another. The classic binge malaise.

Nothing to see here

It’s not that the viewing was so compelling. Far from it. In some cases, I used the quite enjoyable “fast forward” function to skip past uninteresting dialogue or unappealing characters.

But, it’s that whole completist thing. Gotta finish this thing now that I’ve started. Even if it does have a bunch of seasons.

Except, bunch of seasons times bunch of episodes means bunch of time.

So that’s why people don’t do stuff

Now, I’m retired, so I have more free time than many people. But, mindless streaming eats up all of it. All of it. Crazy. So I didn’t do much writing or reading or anything else.

I can imagine how little time is left for, like, real people. With jobs and kids and everything.

And, really, it’s not even that entertaining. Although, I’m sure that’s my “ho-hum about TV” bias playing out.

Still, when I think of all the times people tell me that they wish they could (write a book/go on a trip/take up a hobby/etc.), but claim they don’t have time…and then mention all the shows they watch…

…well, now I know the reason. Once I tried streaming for myself, I can clearly see the impact and realize that’s why people don’t do stuff.

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