So much time, so little to do


so much timeFinally.  I’m finally passing from my “dawdle days”.

Years of head slapping and frustrated groaning during business travel taught me the best way to reduce my stress and ensure I have everything I need is to carefully prepare for my trip.  It’s possible that, over the years, it might have just crept a teensy bit into overprepare.

Now, those trips were usually a few days at most and often just overnight.  On the few trips of any extended time (a week or so), I made checklists for myself to ensure my safety and peace of mind.

Let’s ramp that up by a factor of close to 10, with GNABRT in the 9-10 week range.  I still have mostly the same list as my week-long trips, but the change from airplane travel to my personal car adds a variable that significantly increases my flexibility (and, thus, my checklist).

In spite of that, I’ve spent the last few days doing, well, pretty much nothing for the trip.  I’ve done all the metaphoric heavy lifting, bought the supplies I need and plotted all the necessary final steps to departure.  It’s the actual heavy lifting I haven’t done yet.

It’s not like I can load up my car four days in advance.  It’s hot out there.  And in there, as in over 100 degrees inside the car.  No point in putting anything in there until the last afternoon.

That leaves me with a counter stacked with food and drink items, a hallway loaded with trunk and car supplies and a totally unpacked suitcase with all sorts of loose stuff flopped in it.  And me itching to load everything in and get it over with.

Tomorrow I should be able to make some real final preparations.  I’ll pack the big suitcase (leaving my “daily” suitcase for Wednesday night and Thursday wee hours).  I’ll pack my pantry box (plastic bags, paper towels, etc.) and my books and stuff.  Those I should be able to load in the car Tuesday night.

Wednesday will be everything else, all to be loaded in late, allowing me to wake up Thursday, jump in the shower, throw last bath items in the daily suitcase and hit the road before the sun gets over the horizon.

But in the meantime, I’m sitting here staring at my computer or doing mundane stuff like laundry or cleaning.

So much time…

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