Smiles on Valentine’s Day


I’ve been out of the Valentine’s Day “business” for a while now. I mean, not exactly. I still send cards (paper and electronic, now). But my old “job” of trying to bring smiles on Valentine’s Day is pretty much something I’ve retired from.

Now, granted, the cards could be having that impact. I don’t always know (though I got a big hug from my Stepmom yesterday before we went out to dinner). But those fun days of sending flowers to all the women I was friends with/related to are in the rear view mirror.

I don’t know when I stopped all the flower sending. It was within a few years of my departure from Corporate America. Maybe it was due to a shrinking number of women I knew. Perhaps it was that everyone seemed to be moving past gift giving (and receiving) as the years passed.

In some cases, as in my Stepmom, it was all about not “spending the money” (when there were still worries if I would survive being retired). Those were fun days, for sure, trying to convince people I actually had money to live.

It was supposed to be a secret!

Whatever the case, I have not sent flowers to anyone for a number of years now. Considering the heights to which I took that flower-sending trait in my “old days”, both overtly and covertly (reminder post to the side), it’s quite startling for me to think about sometimes.

As I mentioned recently, I’ve given in to my inner demons of laziness (even my demons are lazy, you see) and gotten house cleaners again. I had one for a while and then stopped. Now I have two, though the house is the same size and I’m not particularly dirtier.

Since it was their first Valentine’s with me, I thought, I should get them something pretty. Flowers came immediately to mind.

I went to my trusty old local florist and we discussed what would be best suited. While I prefer roses on Valentine’s Day, I knew they had other clients to go to after me. That meant we needed an arrangement with some staying power, as it was (finally) warming up in SoFla.

We decided on a combination of daisies and carnations, but I had him add a couple of roses to each one (gotta have roses). He also provided me with snug little travel boxes (think of those cardboard trays to hold drink cups, but big enough for flower vases).

Yes, of course, the ladies were uber-pleased. Smiles all around. It was nice to see and nice to do.

Now, whether it sets me up to start sending out flowers again…hmm, not quite sure. I’ve been “retired” from Valentine’s Day for so long…

Still, it did feel nice, even on a limited basis, to bring some smiles on Valentine’s Day.

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