Smile at the person behind the counter


post officeAnd they’re off!

The mailing is completed for the second giveaway on Goodreads (50 lucky winners of What Next?, Book Two of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures).

I stuffed the mailing envelopes during the morning and then popped over to my local Post Office after lunch.  I am happy to have  an office just a 10 minute walk from the house (no, I didn’t lug 50 packages on foot…I drove).

When I got there, only two people were in line and one clerk was behind the counter.  He is my favorite, a pleasant man who has been there for as long as I’ve lived here.

Just before I brought my big box of goodies up front, a second employee came out from the back.  He and I worked together on the last mailing and he’s also very helpful (although a bit more perfunctory).

I ended up with my favorite and we spent the next 30 minutes working together to get all the books labeled and shipped.  When I say “working together”, I mean it.  He had me slapping on USPS tracking labels so he could weigh and scan the packages.  Then, after he applied the postage sticker, he gave them back to me to pound them with the “Media Mail” stamp.

During the time we worked, either he or I would barb the other about who was falling behind.  In the meantime, we talked about my writing and he told me stories of other writers and reviewers who had stopped at his station.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable time that could have been drudgery and it reminded me that everyone likes a smile and a bit of conversation.  Those aren’t just workers behind the counter, they are people and for every smile they receive they may get as many frowns, so I try my best to be one of the smiles.  It made me feel good when he said I was one of his favorite customers because I was always joking and willing to talk (I don’t know if that last one is as entertaining for the people behind me in line).

Wherever you go, waiting or not, don’t forget to throw a smile and talk to the person behind the counter!

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