Slimming down for Valentine’s Day


slim valentineMy last batch of Valentine’s Day cards are winging their USPS-loving way to their local destinations (distant locations were mailed days ago). With that, my Hallmark moments are nearly complete.

In the time between now and soon-to-be, I have some hours to reflect on the changing nature of Valentine’s Day for me over the many decades of my life.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (nah, I won’t drop the links here, if you’re really interested you can scout ’em up using the search box), V-Day has always played a large part for me.

From my early days, helping Mom in her florist shop, to my days of receiving roses while away at college (some real tangible benefits to having a Mom who owns a flower shop) to later days at work, where my increased income afforded me the opportunity to buy flowers for every female in the building.

Throughout the years, V-Day has always been fun and important to me, even if only a few of them ever coincided with a “special someone”.

Now, as my income has become less fulsome and my social habits less gregarious, I find myself at my lowest ebb in Valentine engagements since well back in my youth.

Some of it is the natural drift away from my extravagance during my working days (funny how much extra money there is to spread around when there is no single person to spend it on) and some of it is the natural drifting apart that comes from no longer working.

My increasing hermit-like tendencies have also contributed to the reducing number of red-enveloped contacts over the last few years.

These days, I am probably down to less than two dozen cards or other gifts intended for Valentine’s Day smiles, down from well over a hundred at my peak cupidity.

And if the bulk of my Valentine’s Day reach has slimmed, each remaining effort still carries the undiminished full weight of my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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