Slightly OCD


Fine.  You want me to admit it, I will. I’m (slightly) OCD.

I prefer calling it being neat or orderly or even organized, but you just won’t be satisfied until I “fess up”.

I’ve mentioned in the past how I’ve taken some abuse over the fact that my DVDs are alphabetized.  I have always seen this as convenient, making it easier to find the specific DVD I’m looking for.  Others say, taking it with the whole, it shows my OCD nature.

Granted, I like even numbers (or should that be “round” numbers?) as my impending departure from online gaming illustrates (more on that tomorrow).  That oftentimes means I do many tasks and activities around those particular numbers.

And while I don’t like cleaning (as many posts in the blog have informed you), when I do move dishes from the sink to the dishwasher, I have a regular order I place the glasses, plates, bowls and silverware that maximizes space and frees me from having to figure out where to “stick” stuff.

The clothes in my dresser are all neatly sorted.  The socks are even separated by color (big deal, it’s only three colors).  I view this simply as a convenience of living single.  If I had to share drawers, I don’t think I would bother.  On the other hand, while the clothes hanging in my closet are somewhat sorted (short sleeve vs. long sleeve, for instance), they’re just hung up willy-nilly, without regard for style, type or color.

My pantry ranges from relatively neat (when spacious) to whatever (when stuffed).  My linen closet follows a similar pattern.  My work desk is mostly a mess inside the drawers, but exceptionally neat and orderly on its top.

I have patterns I follow, such as getting up early and working out at the same time.  The fact that I play tennis on the same three days every week is by availability, not by some urgent day-related obsession.

My eating is irregular both in timing and menu choices, so there’s little evidence my “obsession” extends that far into my life.  In fact, now that I come to the end of this post, I don’t really see that much OCD behavior.  Certainly not as much as people claim.

But I’ll give you “slightly”.

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