Sin-cerely conflicted


7 deadly sinsI’m plagued by the seven deadly sins. In trying to avoid one, I seem to fall prey to another. I blame my doctor.

One of the precepts of getting old is that you tend to age faster physically than chronologically. I think if it were a math formula, it would be something like this:

B = body age

Y = age in years

B = Y x 1.2

So, by the time you’re 60, your body is really 72.

Inevitably, there comes a visit to the doctor where you are told the things you need to change to stay healthy. Those of you my age or older know them: eat healthier, exercise, cut out excess sugar and fat, etc.

So, the sins.

Well, I look at myself at 56 and say, boy, I should really work on my body shape. That’s not because of anything the doctor says, it’s simply pride.

So, if I want to avoid pride, I shouldn’t work on my body shape? But that would be sloth. Plus, the doctor said to exercise, so I can’t do nothing.

I can exercise, then, without working so hard that it improves my shape, but then I look at other people in better shape and feel envious. Oy.

So, I know that as much as exercise is important, it’s eating right and portion control that truly impact your body. Here’s where we align with the good old doctor advice.

Now, I go to my favorite fresh market and the place is teeming with beautiful fruits and vegetables, many of which have little sample trays to convince you to buy them.

Of course, greed takes over and I tend to over buy all that mouth-watering food. You can see where that leads, right?

Once home, I feel compelled to prepare or cook as much of my purchases as possible before they have a chance to spoil. So, spoilage fears enable me to skip portion control, leading to gluttony.

And with all this healthy privation, is it any surprise how I’m occasionally overcome by lust when there’s a BOGO, as there was this week, on family-size double stuff Oreos? Oy again.

All of which leaves me wrathful that I ended up right back where I started, thinking, boy, I should really work on my body shape.

Sins of the flesh indeed.

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