Signs point to yes


signs point to yesContinuing on a theme that may just consume this week, in reply to the inevitable question “why?” about my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (#GNABRT), I began a list of reasons why this is “the” year to take the trip.

Here follows a non-exhaustive and in no particular order detailing:

– It’s my “double nickel” year.  I have a tradition of doing something interesting or extreme on my “big” birthday years.

– Gas is at its lowest level in nearly six years, or before I was free to consider a trip like this.

– I have a new car which comes with 24,000 miles of free service and 36,000 miles of free roadside assistance.

– The same new car allows connection to my iPhone and its roughly 1,000 song playlist (something my 10-year old car did not even know existed).

– I just had my eyes checked and I need a new prescription for the first time in four years.  It’s unlikely I’ll ever see better than this year.

– My passport expires in August of this year (I expect to be in and out of Canada by July).

– It spares me hosting my annual birthday barbecue (saving a couple of hundred dollars in the process).


And that’s not even including the unquantifiable benefit of getting to see so many people I have either not seen in a long time or, in some cases, never met!

I’m still trying to work through the planning.  The first attempt failed in Cincinnati around the All Star Game (coincidentally, where it is being held).  I may consider leaving later or possibly working backwards from there.

It should be noted, by the way, when I shook my Magic 8-ball, the first answer was, “My Sources Say No”, but I don’t think I had framed a question yet.

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