Showering me with warm light

Showering me with warm light after getting out of a hot shower it's chillsville in the cool air...unless you use me secret solution.

What? Another post about cold weather. Nah. Not exactly. This one is a treatise on thermodynamics. Okay, not that either. It’s a short story about how I solved a problem by showering me with warm light.

Why I don’t like warm lights

Yeah. Warm lights. What a terrible concept.

You may know them as the ubiquitous “soft white” light bulbs. Those amber/yellowish hued lights that are the most prolific in households and stores everywhere. Bleh.

Not only are the substandard in terms of reading, they offer very little “real” light to help with things like shaving, cooking and (ugh) cleaning.

Sadly, the last item is made so much more difficult under the all-revealing light of bulbs other than soft white.

Showering me with LED’s

The latest craze is LED lighting. Highly efficient electricity use and a brighter luminosity. Plus, you can actually upfit your fixtures with higher wattage bulbs.

For instance, a 60W standard fixture can now take a 75W LED because it only draws 53W of actual power. That’s a nearly 30% increase in light! Wowsers!

Another benefit to LED lights is that they give off little actual heat, especially compared to classic incandescent bulbs.

Not enough warm fuzzies

But, that’s actually the problem. Without any heat generation, when I step out of the moderately hot shower, I’m chillin’ — and not in a fun way.

Now, I’m not a total dope, I turn my water temperature down as I rinse, trying to get closer to a cooler surface skin temp, but nope, still cold.

Hallelujah halogen

But there is a solution. Halogen light bulbs.

Normally, the most common appearance of halogen lights in your basic Walmart or Home Depot is in the floodlight section. But, there are still some standard fixture halogen bulbs made.

And, neato keen, these are also significantly less power hungry than classic incandescents.

So, I have the traditional double sinks in the master bath. Two light fixtures above with three sockets apiece. That’s six sparkly, clean white light halogen bulbs.

Showering me with warm light

I just close the door to my bathroom for about 20 minutes prior to a shower, step in and it’s nice and balmy in the bathroom.

No fogging of the mirrors. No racing to towel off before I freeze. Just a nice feeling of warmth that I can’t get from soft white lights.

So, when I talk about showering me with warm light, I mean the temperature, not the luminosity.

Now, if someone could just figure out how to get that shampoo from feeling like I’m doing the bucket challenge, everything would be aces.

3 Responses to “Showering me with warm light”

  1. Scott Zucker

    Since you like it warm, why not just use a small space heater? For fun you could also fill a bucket with hot water before you shower and submerge the shampoo bottle while you are waiting for the bathroom to warm up to take the chill off the shampoo. At the same time you could also soak a rag to have a hot towel for after a shave. Just sayin…

    Have a happy & toasty holiday!

    • JMD

      Sound suggestions both, Scott!

      My “master” bathroom is rather small, actually. It’s hard to picture a place for a space heater, even a small one, that won’t be a tripping hazard…especially for me with my inherited genetic super-klutz factor.

      That shampoo idea is neat, but is likely defeated by my laziness factor (not genetic; all me). I remember back in my youth there were these electric heaters for shaving cream. That was on the theory that hot shaving cream worked better than cold, but that was also when shaving cream resembled whipped cream vs. some of the gel-based ones of today.

      In any case, love the ideas, but it looks like toasty halogen is my end-solution to this chilling problem.


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