Shot in the arm


shot in armWelp, that clinches it.

As part of my “Get fit to write” program (long story), I added back the abdominal exercises and proposed a return to my regular machine work on the Bowflex.  Nothing major at this point of life, just a little strengthening of the aging muscles.

My upper arm has been giving me some pain for the past few months and it made me suspicious that my old enemy, Father Time, was back for another joust.  He always targets the left side, since I’m a near purebred lefty.

I thought I recognized that nagging ache/pain from our previous fight, where he won in a knockout but I scored a victory in the return bout.  Last time, it was an arthritic A/C joint that ultimately was partially removed via arthroscopic surgery.  That ended up well (despite some quite painful rehab) and I managed another 10 years of pain-free tennis and other arm activities.

Jumping on the machine today, set at a moderately easy level, the standard bench presses caused a little twinging in the arm.  Disturbing, but possibly just from time off.  Moving to the seated fly exercise (a common motion in shoulder rehab), I only got one pull in before a shooting pan occurred in my left arm.

For those of you fortunate enough to never have had shoulder issues, the reason the pain is felt in the upper arm instead of the shoulder directly (where the cause really lies) is something called “referred pain”.  It’s the shoulder, for sure, and the pain is just showing up in a nearby area.

Sigh.  It’s a fact that once arthritis starts showing up, even if it goes off on holiday, it comes back.  I will try a handful of less stressful shoulder strengthening exercises, but from past history, I expect first an MRI and then, eventually, more arthroscopy to “clean out” the area.

That ol’ Father Time.  He’s a real stinker.

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