Shop til you drop – Birthday BBQ style

Shop til you drop

The very last birthday BBQ week has some specific tasks that get done on specific days. These revolve around cleaning, set up, cooking and, of course, shopping. Time for a rundown of Shop til you drop – Birthday BBQ style!

Wednesday – Everyday low prices

Let’s face it, you could really do all your shopping at Walmart. They have practically everything. And at affordable prices, too!

But, for the birthday BBQ, it’s just the basics. Stuff like the buns for the burgers and dogs; the shredded cheese for the mac & cheese; paper goods and the like.

Since this is the very last birthday BBQ ever, I’m upping the munchies ante by picking up shelled pistachios (no red stains everywhere, thank you) and large shrimp.

The munchies sometimes trim the appetite a bit. More leftovers for me!

Thursday – Where shopping is a pleasure

I don’t actually notice anything more pleasurable about shopping at Publix, but it is nice to have one about 2 1/2 light-traffic blocks from my house.

Publix doesn’t play a big part in my Shop til you drop – Birthday BBQ style plans. Certainly not as much as “regular” life shopping.

But, there are sometimes useful BOGO’s (like today’s one for soda) and they are always my go-to place for bags of ice (see the 2 1/2 comment earlier).

Friday – The Boys are back in town

My shift from Saturday to Sunday as the event day for my BBQ causes tectonic shifts in my Shop til you drop – Birthday BBQ style schedule.

While there are few places I care to shop on the weekend, The Boys farmer’s market is one of the least favorite.

The produce there is the bestest. Fresh, long-lived and high quality. But the aisles are about as wide as I am and there is a mob of – er- older people that descend on the place.

So, I choose to do this run on Friday. Get all my veggies and fruits. Hoo hah!

Saturday – Going into Dutch

That leaves this day for my meats. Penn Dutch meats, thank you.

I’ve raved about them before, so I won’t bend your ear again. But, the real value in putting them here on my Shop til you drop – Birthday BBQ style week is that I don’t have to freeze any meat.

Since I’ll be cooking it all the next day, I just clear out the (admittedly stuffed) fridge and jam it all in there. Bam!

Shop til you drop – Birthday BBQ style

By the end of the week, I am bushed. But, I’m also totally stocked. And stoked, I guess.

Sunday, of course, is all about cooking and serving. Occasionally, if I get lucky, I can use a last burst of energy to do some basic cleaning in the kitchen.

More often, it’s just letting stuff soak and packing all the leftovers up. That takes more time than you might imagine.

So, there you go, my Shop til you drop week…Birthday BBQ style! Thank goodness this is the last of these! Back to shop at my leisure, going forward.

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