The shirt off my Dad’s back


shirt off dads back(I guess I should call this “Size Matters Week”, considering the trend so far)

Okay, sure, my Dad isn’t that old.

Each time I visit with Dad, he attempts to give me some clothes to take home.  This is mostly a factor of his wife constantly asking him to get rid of his older clothes.  Why I would want Dad’s old clothes is a question that apparently is never asked.

The biggest problem (literally) with me taking some of Dad’s clothes is that Dad is, well, bigger than me (recently called “stout” by a doctor, a word that will likely never be used on me).

In fact, for me to use any of Dad’s old clothes they have to be really old, back when he was a medium (forget pants or shorts, shirts is the best we can do).

This last visit, we were able to find five shirts of varying styles to “pass on” to me.  I kind of like the fact that they are so old, since they are likely long out of fashion.  As an aid to non-regular readers, my fashion sense is so awful that I likely actually lead fashion by being so far behind the current one.  This is not to be confused with my color sense, which is actually quite sharp.

I’m eager to see how these purported medium shirts sit on me (they sure look larger than my medium shirts).  I’m equally interested to see how other people react to seeing my wearing them.

Who knew clothing was hereditary?

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