She’s hot!


swiss missWe’re having one of our rare cold snaps down here…temperatures actually dipped into the 40’s (brrr-time getting the paper this morning).

One good thing about the cold (correction, the ONLY good thing about the cold) is that I can dig out the beloved little packets of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate and brew myself a mug.

I prefer marshmallow-free and add a teensy bit of milk (too much and it cools the hot), and then I get the nice warm-your-hands mug and warm-your-insides hot chocolate.

Since I don’t drink coffee and prefer my tea iced, this is really the only hot drink I like (soup doesn’t count as a drink).

I’m more than happy to miss out on cold altogether, but when I do get to see her, that little blond never fails to make me hot!

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