shapeshiftingToday was my first visit to a “regular” doctor in two years.  It was time to get my stitches removed and I combined it with my not-so-annual physical (hey, when you don’t pay for insurance, it’s economical to combine appointments).

Getting ready to head out for what was sure to be a revealing visit (full physical…fun!), I was struck once again by my uninspiring profile.  I like to make jokes about my finally developing a tummy, but the real truth is it’s a workout issue, not a weight one.

I have been quite consistent (with a couple of months’ exceptions) of staying at my “playing weight” the last five years since I shed my “work fat” (sitting behind a desk will do that).  The only other change is that, over the last year or so, I’ve lost my enthusiasm for working out.

I remember a conversation I had with a friend shortly after I started writing and began my last (doomed) relationship.  She was pleased I was dating and asked me if I found it easier to stay motivated about working out.

At the time, I replied it didn’t seem to add any new motivation.  In retrospect, I realize that was because I was also writing at the same time.  Now, I would say that only two things drive me back to the Bowflex:  dating and writing.

The former because, well, I believe I should look the best I possibly can if someone is going to put up with all the rest of me in a relationship.  The latter is process related.  Since I do most of my writing at the beach, it behooves me (and my fragile ego) to improve my body to at least “average” standing.

So, my body profile will only shift when I’m dating or writing.  Unfortunately for my shape, I’m not doing either right now!

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